JnJ Software:

JnJ Developed Imaging Software

Useful Applications
Just what you need - an efficient way to load/scan/screencap images or documents, attach the study/patient information, and send or save them as DICOM images
Application with many useful features for visualization/manipulation of DICOM images
Configurable DICOM receiver. Works as stand-alone application or is started up as needed by other applications. Creates DICOM part 10 (*.dcm) files in an easily-interpreted directory tree so it does not require messing with databases of filenames.
Select and send DICOM images. Makes it easy to identify, select, and transmit single or large sets of images to a remote DICOM target system. Allows easy browsing and selection of patients/studies/series/images on DICOM CDROMS so can readily load images into the desired PACS or workstation.
DICOM node organizer. An easy mechanism to maintain a list of DICOM targets across the network. Keeps this authoritative list in a file format (soon also in an SQL database using an ODBC datasource). Incorporates a Dicom-echo mechanism to check availability of the host.

Component Applications
DICOM communications logger for your learning or testing/debugging pleasure. Works as a stand-alone application or is started up as needed by other JnJ applications. Organizes the many levels and details of DICOM protocol exchanges into a readily browseable format. The amount of logged information can be adjusted by the user.

We are confident that our software provides useful features not available elsewhere and/or provides them at a better price-performance ratio.

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