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Licensing JnJ Associates Software:

License not needed for testing purposes - can keep restarting 7-min testing sessions. Licensed specifically for each computer the software is used on - the Reference Code is unique for each machine. License does not expire and is good for all updates until some future total rewrite and major version number change. License typically does not have to be reentered if the software is reinstalled or updated. License payment easily handled using secure PayPal credit-card system - you do not need to have a PayPal account. You provide the Reference Code with the payment and we email back the License Code to activate the registration.

How To:

Start up the software and select the "Register" button. Copy or write down the Reference Code as shown in the "A" box of the Registration Dialog.

Select the Visa/Mastercard/Buy-Now button on the JnJ Associates website software page for the product you want to register. Provide your credit card information in the secure payment forms. Enter the Reference Code into its box on the second page so it is matched up with the payment information. As soon as possible after we get a payment notification we will generate the corresponding License Code and email it back to you.

Copy the License Code from the email and paste it into the Registration dialog form at "B".

For multiple-license purchases please contact us at: Software Licensing
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