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Convenient method of selecting and sending DICOM images or groups of images. Allows browsing, identification, and selection of files. Very convenient to use with DICOM CDROMs. This software treats DICOMDIR (DICOM File Sets) just like any other directory structure so it is easy to browse and select images. The identifying information of the images to be sent can be easily changed before sending, for example, to rapidly anonymize identifying information. The remote DICOM target to send to can be easily identified and selected.

Released for Public use 070321
Current version 1.1.1 (Release Notes)
Under node-locked license control but allows 7 min Demo Mode use.
Under continuing development - check back for updates
Short Description
Easy sending of disk files.
This is an effective solution for quickly identifying, selecting, and sending individual or large groups of DICOM images. DicomTransmitter is the counterpart to DicomReceiver in that the pair allows highly flexible, database-less management of DICOM images. Images that are received by DicomReceiver can be moved/archived/modified etc without breaking a strict and limiting relationship between the actual image data and the database software used by some receivers. DicomTransmitter can readily browse arbitrary file trees and can send images to any remote DICOM target system.

Improved outside CDROM handling
One major application of DicomTransmitter is in the efficient and safe handling of DICOM CDROMs. These removable disks can be quickly loaded and sent to the PACS or workstation for use in image interpretation or processing workflows. Your IT management is very likely horrified at the prospect of everyone sticking foreign disks into autoplay-enabled computers as any malicious executable software can be run. Furthermore the disk viewers included on the disk can be lame and slow to load. An efficient workflow for handling outside patient disks is to disable all CD autoplay on the computers and to use DicomTransmitter to quickly send the data to the desired PACS or workstation. DicomTransmitter allows browsing of the DICOMDIR Patient/Study/Series/Image structure directly rather than having to reverse engineer the internal disk file structure that was used on the disk. For sending the images, DicomTransmitter allows easy editing of identifying information. This can be used to help match with existing studies on the PACS, or for adding notations that indicate that the data is from outside sources.

DicomTransmitter knows about most types of DICOM objects, and can even handle images not in Part-10 format (i.e., not having metainformation).

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Developed and tested for Windows2000 and WindowsXP, only limited testing on other platforms.

This software is license controlled but allows a 7 minute Demo Mode for testing/evaluation without having to be registered. First-use registration requires user privileges sufficient to modify the Windows Registry.

Currently is facilitated by an InstallShield installer setup wizard.
To begin the installation process download the zip file and then run the setup wizard,

Licenses are easily obtained using secure online credit card payment (we are currently using a PayPal service), and are good for upcoming versions/releases. It is possible that some future total-rewrite (major version change) may require a new license. Detailed licensing information can be found at: Software Licensing

(Whattaya mean bugs?)
PLEASE send any comments about difficulties/bugs/desired features and I will try to incorporate them.
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Detailed Instructions
Select files and/or directories. Right-click to bring up the sending menu.

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