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DicomInfo Release Notes

Version 3.3.2 (080513) Improve verbose logging.
Many library improvements.
Start handling changes for compressed transfer syntaxes
Some minor bug fixes.
Improve debugging output.
Version 3.2.1 (070215) Improve handling of Indexed/Palette color DICOM images.
Improve handling of multiFrame DICOM images.
Improve handling of unsupported (e.g., compressed) DICOM images - at least can load and see non-data elements.
Eliminate some minor memory leaks.
Add ability to swap databytes of any element in the InfoView.
Improve DICOM file display and searching.
minor issues resolved/fixed.

Add support for decoding Run Length Encoded/Compressed (RLE) images and DICOM transfer syntax.
Additional minor additions to dictionaries and logic for 2007 documentation.
Some minor bug fixes.
Improve debugging output.
Many minor library improvements.

Version 3.2.0 (070206) Add recursive directory loading. Add handling of non-image format DICOM datasets.
Handle DR images without correct geometry.
Reduce amount of graphics texture memory required.
Add auto window/level based on data statistics.
Improve fit-to-window zooming, and make as standard behaviour.
Improve window redrawing efficiency.
Find and fix minor GDI+ related memory leak.
Improve output formats.
Improve handling of large files. Improve debugging output and logging.
Improve consistency between DICOM Study/Series elements for groups of loaded non-dicom images.
Many minor issues resolved/fixed.

Update for 2007 DICOM documents, dictionaries, and UIDs.
Improve handling of Modality Look-up-tables (LUTs).
Support more Transfer Syntax types.
Fix minor value-comparison bug.
Fix minor VR Control editor bug.
Fix bug with handling explicit VRs.
Improve compliance to standard.
Add additional logic to catch cases of short data that needs to be interpreted as byte.
Many minor library improvements.

Version 3.1.2 (070127) Improvements to better handle filenames without file extentions - look for file format magic numbers.
Improvements in how handle displaying and reading from DICOM CDs/dicomdirs.
Minor speed ups/efficiencies in how handle files in FileView and in file loading.
Minor bug fixes identified by testing against additional DICOM standard PDI CD datasets.
Minor bug fixes in deleting all series at a time.
Version 3.1.1 (061214) Minor changes in libraries.
Version 3.1.0 (061112) Several refinements and bug-fixes.
Disable some non-Robust Features.
Version 3.0.0 (061022) Revise extensively for internet release.
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