John A. Sanders PhD, PMP, CPHIMS

Partner and Consultant
In General: At the core I consider myself to be a technology problem solver. I take a practical and straightforward engineering approach of identifying needs, assessing the requirements, and I evaluate and utilize any and all available resources to come up with the best possible solution. A distinct holdover from my early academic technology development days is a highly developed ability to identify novel or promising opportunities, along with being able to translate ideas and technologies from one setting to another.

I have a particularly good ability to identify and solve technology problems in clinical medicine, not just theoretically, but in a hands-on practical manner so the solution serves as a solid base for future developments. My career goal has been to develop new processes and systems to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, business success, and clinical outcome of patient care.

After starting my career developing new technologies and putting them into production, it was a natural extension to take on the role of managing the ongoing technology operations. I have mastered many technologies and for many years now I have particularly motivated to achieve and demonstrate excellence as a effective manager of people, programs, and operations. My expertise across a wide range of technogies, coupled with deep healthcare experience and understanding allows me to be particularly good at identifying appropriate goals. I have spent my career in the interdiscplinary interface of medicine, business, and technology so I am very good at understanding all points of view and working with all stakeholders.

I certainly believe that success is not due to the technology itself, but is more a result of effectively understanding the customer and managing expectations and change tolerance in clinical environments.

My skill set spans a wide range of technologies throughout science, engineering, informatics, and medicine but I am extraordinarily effective in the areas of clinical information systems, electronic medical records, medical imaging, clincal and business decision support, and systems integration and interfacing. While I have worked in these areas for some time, it is increasingly being recognized that the systems and procedures for doing information management, exchange, decision support, and visualization have a tremendously positive clinical impact. I have a great deal of experience evaluating clinical and business workflow and utilizing technology to automate and optimize.

My efforts are supported by a uniquely broad and deep base of education and experience across a spectrum of inpatient and outpatient environments, computer sciences, information technology, human physiology, biochemistry, and management training. Having all of this direct experience allows me to be a better strategist and manager since I can readily identify new opportunities and improvements, understand and assess a range of possible technical solutions, know what is involved in the implementation or adaptation of a particular solution, and can reach an optimal balance between the best solution implementation and the available resources.

I have focused on applying advanced technology for more than just isolated one-off academic situations. While I am happy to provide a high-quality solution for an immediate and specific clinical or business need, I strive to leverage that effort and provide a solution that is efficient, flexible, and robust enough for use with the next 1000 patients that come in the door.

My intrinsic interest and satisfaction with these efforts means that I am happy to work on solving your problems with energy and enthusiasm.

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