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Medical Imaging Services:

JnJ Associates bridges the technology divide between medical imaging and information technology providers and institutions that need effective tailored solutions for their clinical operation.

We provide product design, development, and evaluation services, as well as providing consultation to the clinical user base. These consulting services include system purchasing evaluations and the design of efficient standards based data management and workflow. Where suitable commercial solutions are not available or affordable, JnJ Associates also provides custom application development services.

Modalities and protocols Modalities MRI CT NM SPECT DEXA US PET Image guided technology and procedures System and clinical protocol design Breast biopsy Neurosurgery Orthopedic surgery Processing and visualization CAD processing Acquisition and protocol optimization Network and server design Dataflow and clincial workflow design and implementation FDA validation trials and evaluations Dynamic imaging/contrast uptake Virtual colonoscopy coronary calcium scoring Volume/surface rendering Holographic display Medical Physics QA and Accreditation Dosimetry

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