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  • Practiced in manageing multiple, concurrent projects. Skilled in library and internet research. Extensive experience in preparing and writing technical reports, conservation plans, and assessments. Technical abilities are complemented by broad education and training in many aspects of science. Works effectively with stakeholders from all backgrounds. Readily identifies opportunities to apply solutions from one situation to another. Interest and skill in many diverse facets of ecology, the plant sciences, and cultural traditions in plant uses. Wide-ranging experience in field studies and back-country surveys. Possesses a wide variety of technical skills and experience, combining both versatility and effectiveness. Experienced in mapping and relevant computer technology.
Ecology and Botany
  • Wide-ranging experience in ecological field studies and back-country surveys. Experienced in mapping and locating vascular and non-vascular plant species and communities.
  • Written comprehensive reviews on important components of communities and ecosystems.
  • Contracted to make surveys for wetland delineation, sensitive habitat, microbiotic crusts, and T & E species (arranged and coordinated surveys for animals) for development projects and Federal and State agency programs in western USA; New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Idaho and west Texas; specializing in Tribal lands including their customs and procedures.
  • Conducted ecological studies in riparian, woodland, forest, and desert communities. Modeled habitats for sensitive animal species. Researched vascular and non-vascular plant species for global ranking designation and element stewardship plans under contract to The Nature Conservancy and other organizations.
  • Contracted to prepare management plans and conservation assessments for rare and sensitive plant species.
  • Consulted on re-vegetation issues after disturbance.
  • Prepared vascular and non-vascular (lichens, mosses, liverworts etc) plant species inventories.
  • Prepared GIS layers for land management projects (ArcMap 9.XXX, ArcView 3.XXX, and ArcInfo).
  • Knowledgeable and interested in invasive weed and medicinal plant species.
Physiological ecology, Reproductive Biology and Biochemistry
  • Supervised and conducted field, greenhouse, and laboratory research on the pollen biology, reproductive physiology of monocots and dicots; including rare species.
  • Skilled in utilizing plant growth regulators, herbicides, and pesticides. Led research projects on plant growth regulation, stress physiology and biochemistry. This experience includes the discovery of a novel class of abscisic acid (ABA) analogs and identification of a novel ABA-resistant barley mutant using thermographic technology.
  • Conducted in-depth assessments of market and industry trends.

Applied horticulture

  • Established a hydroponics system that was the first of its kind in the Arabian peninsula (when working for Arid Lands Research Center, Sadiyat, United Arab Emirates).
  • Collaborated with recycling factory engineers to develop compost for municipality use.
  • Investigated biological control methods for Pythium aphanidermatum and greenhouse insect pests.
Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture, Biochemistry
Experienced in molecular biology and able to evaluate conservation issues associated with the technology.
  • Examples of practical experience: Successfully optimized gene transfer into crop plants using particle acceleration technology and Agrobacterium. Led pilot project to develop artificial seeds of cucumber (somatic embryogenesis). Regenerated wheat (ABA tolerant), and cold-tolerant potatoes (cultivated and wild species), from tissue culture.
  • Consulted to the Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico on tissue equivalent phantom composition and design.
  • Increased edible dye production from Monascus (Ladyman, J.A.R. 1989. US Patent No. 4865977)
  • Discovered that Anabaena variabilis (cyanobacteria) secretes deoxyribonucleosidase.
  • Organized facility-wide summer intern program (at two companies).
  • Supervised Masters thesis candidate ﷓ California State University, Hayward. Member of several thesis committees at University of New Mexico.
  • Taught University classes in plant science.
  • Organized and presented workshops, informational displays, and scientific exhibits for local and national scientific and non-technical audiences.
  • Enthusiastically instructed numerous research assistants, students, and colleagues in a variety of research techniques and directed non﷓English speaking workers.
Miscellaneous aspects of expertise
Resourceful with demonstrated ability for cross-disciplinary research.
  • Initiate, organize, and manage multiple and diverse projects.
  • Successfully write competitive grants and contracts.
  • Actively participated in hiring suitable personnel for field, laboratory, and adminsitative projects.
  • Experienced in strategic planning, including the definition of projects for a new plant biotechnology venture and opportunities for commercial development.
Ph.D. (Botany and Plant Pathology). Research Assistant.
Michigan State University - East Lansing, MI 1982
  • Dissertation: "Investigation of glycine betaine accumulation and metabolism in barley in relation to water stress".
  • Research Assistant: Field and laboratory research into plant responses to arid environments.
B.Sc. First Class Honors (Biochemistry)
London University, England, U.K. 1976
  • Student research project: Herbicide uptake by plant protoplast.
JnJ Associates LLC, Centennial (near Denver), CO.---------------------------------2001-present
JnJ Associates, Albuquerque, NM.---------------------------------------------------1991-2001
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM.----------------------------------------1992-2001
Research Associate: Museum of Southwestern Biology - Herbarium.----------------1999-2001
Adjunct Faculty, Biology Department.-----------------------------------------------1992-1996
New Mexico Natural Heritage Program, Senior Research Assoc./Res. Ass.Prof.------1996-1999
Plant Cell Research Institute, Inc., Senior Scientist. Dublin, CA.----------------------1988-1991
Shell Oil Co. Modesto, CA.------------------------------------------------------------1988-1982
Shell Agricultural Chemical Company, Research Plant Physiologist.------------------1986-1988
Shell Development Company, Research Plant Physiologist.--------------------------1982-1986
Arid Lands Research Center, Lab. Tech. & Greenhouse Res. Supervisor. UAE.--------1976-1977
American Botanical Society
Ecological Society of America
Society for Conservation Biology
Native Plant Society of Colorado
Native Plant Society of Wyoming
Author or co-author of 51 technical/scientific publications encompassing a wide range of topics in ecology, botany, and plant science. Prepared more than 40 unpublished management plans and technical reports derived from field surveys.

    Author or co-author of more than 35 technical/scientific presentations.
Ladyman, J.A.R. 1989. Increasing Monascus Pigment Production. United States Patent No. 4865977


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