Juanita AR Ladyman, PhD

Managing Partner and Consultant

Juanita Ladyman finding Chihuahua scurf pea (Pediomylum pentaphyllum) after it had been missing for approximately 50 years!

Offering a variety of botanical and ecological consulting services - Available for long- and short-term contract work. Reliable and conscientious. References provided upon request.

In Summary: Nineteen years leadership experience in applied and basic research on plants utilizing skills in botany, physiological ecology, agronomy, horticulture, tissue culture, chemistry, and molecular biology. Broad botanical and ecological background. Experienced in writing technical assessments and management plans. Extensive experience in a wide range of botanical and ecological field studies and back-country surveys. Researched plant species status and prepared recommendations for management plans. Resourceful with demonstrated ability for cross-disciplinary research. Designed and implemented experiments in back-country, field, greenhouse, laboratory, and controlled environments on a wide range of agronomic and horticultural crops and their wild relatives including threatened, endangered, and sensitive plant species. Experienced in locating and mapping plant species and communities. Skilled in utilizing plant growth regulators, herbicides, and pesticides. Experienced in fund raising and grant writing. Proficient in managing multiple, simultaneous projects. Instructed a wide range of technicians, assistants, students, and colleagues in a variety of research and management techniques, including directing non-English speaking workers. Prepared informational and scientific exhibits for local and national audiences. Familiar with computers, GIS, and relevant instrumentation and technology. Prepared GIS layers for land management purposes. Used novel spectral analyses to characterize ground cover.

 Examples of field sites:
               Looking for:

       cactus on shale slopes

               sedges in mountain wetlands

                     gypsophiles on gypsum flats

                           and insect visitors on a rare species (the observer is John Sanders)  

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