JnJ Associates LLC

Overview: JnJ Associates LLC is a consulting partnership providing management consulting and technology solutions for a variety of healthcare and natural resource management organizations. These distinct business segments overlap in areas of technology development, operational planning, project management, and in various complementary fields such as medical imaging and remote-sensing/satellite imaging, or geographical information systems (GIS) and clinical information systems.

The environmental division focuses on ...

We are able to recognize and apply solutions from one field to another and can readily identify new opportunities where these solutions do not currently exist. It is not enough to just have a new potentially-useful technology. JnJ Associates has the experience to make sure that a technology actually provides a practical better solution to real problems and can effectively be integrated into demanding clinical workflows.

Examples of recent projects include:

Next time you yearn for a technology solution ("Wouldn't it be nice to ... ?") - do not hesitate to contact us. We can work with you to specify and obtain the best solution given the need, resources, and available technology options.
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